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If you are in need of a property inspector or a land surveyor, then you have come to the right place. We are ready to offer you the top-quality land survey and home inspection in Vero Beach that you need. We are also prepared to offer you a wide range of services which you can learn about right here.


From Wind Mitigation Inspection to Termite Inspection in Vero Beach


We have been working for more than twenty-five years in the area of home inspections in Vero Beach and also as high-quality land surveyors, committed to offering our clients what they need and deserve. We also offer a wide arrange of services that you can check out right here:

  • • Our team is comprised of the best engineers in Vero Beach, ready to help you in everything they can, both in construction jobs and designing as-built plans
  • • We have construction and roofing services that are at your disposal to realize the house of your dreams on budget and in time
  • • We can provide you with a FEMA Flood Certification for your properties, no matter if they are residential or commercial
  • • Our home inspections in Vero Beach come with highly detailed reports about the main issues in your new property and the things that will require maintenance in the short and long-term.


Our Surveyors in Vero Beach


Our licensed land surveyors are prepared to work with you and provide you a customized service to satisfy your needs and inform you about everything you need to know regarding the boundaries of your new property. We offer land surveys in Vero Beach for both residential and commercial properties.


Whether you are looking for a land survey for a construction project, or perhaps for a real state closing, you can make sure that we will take care of the job with our qualified and experienced team in Vero Beach.


Property Inspections in Vero Beach


We work mostly supplying home inspections to our clients. Our property inspections are done by our team of engineers and inspectors, who will make sure to have every single detail in mind so you can have an idea about the main problems with your new property and what will require eventual maintenance.


This way you will have an idea about the money you will have to spend after buying the new property and you will be able to start doing negotiations with your vendor. Our inspectors do a roof, Chinese drywall, wind mitigation, termite, electrical, and plumbing inspection, and much more.


The purpose of our home inspections in Vero Beach is to save people money. You can save thousands of dollars by knowing these things prior to purchasing a new property, and we will make sure we give you honest and real price quotes for everything that requires maintenance.


Our Construction and Roofing Services


The roof is an important element of any recent construction project, and we are ready to support you by helping you choose the right one. We can offer you top-quality construction and roofing services that will be guided by our team of engineers so you can see the house or building of your dreams come true.


We have worked as land surveyors, property inspectors, roofers, and builders for more than twenty-five years and know what to do and how to do it. We are prepared to help you in every way we can. It is not only about finishing before the given deadline and on budget, we understand that it is also about having a pleasant experience.


What Are the Benefits of Hiring Us?


You can benefit a lot from us by getting everything you need for your new property in the exact same place. We highly recommend you do a house inspection before purchasing any property since that could help you negotiate a fairer price.


And, if you decide to get your home inspection from us, we will make sure you receive a highly specific report with everything you need to know about the problems regarding your new home.


For more information about our home inspections, land surveys, and other services call us now at 877-894-8001. We serve the following zip codes and more: 32967.

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