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Here Is What You Need to Know About Home Inspectors in Rockledge


Looking for good property inspectors can be a nuisance. You never know if they will care about actually assessing your property from foundation to roof and whether they will give you an honest report. This is, of course, not true all the time. When you are looking for a home inspector, you need to make sure it is a qualified and experienced inspector.


So, where can you find a qualified professional who can take care of examining your new property to give you a detailed report about everything you will have to spend on maintenance in Rockledge? Florida Property Inspection is exactly what you are looking for.


What We Offer


We are a company that offers not only home inspections in Rockledge. You can find us in all of Florida and we can also help you with other things such as land surveys, FEMA flood certifications, construction and roofing, and as-built plans.


Learn more about our services here:

  1. FEMA Flood Certifications: We are qualified to certificate your property with a FEMA flood certification.
  2. As-built plans: Our engineers are ready to help you with your construction job in any way they can.
  3. Land surveys: You can ask us for a land survey service. Our land survey team will take care of determining the boundaries of your new land so you can prepare your new construction site.
  4. Construction and roofing: If you need construction and roofing services, you can count on us for that matter too. We have a highly experienced team of roofers, builders, and engineers ready to help you in every way they can.
  5. Home inspections: Our home inspections are from foundation to roof and will check every important detail about your new home. This way you can have an idea about the main problems that you need to take care of and the things that will eventually require maintenance if you purchase the property.
  6. Property inspection reports: After our home inspections, you can rest assured that you will receive a property inspection report with all the information you need to know about the things that will require maintenance.


What You Should Expect from Our Home Inspections in Rockledge


We offer home inspections for commercial and residential properties. These home inspections are personalized. You can expect a qualified and experienced inspector arriving at your new property to do a full evaluation of several things such as roof, Chinese drywall, wind mitigation, termites, electrical, and plumbing inspection.


On the other hand, after the home inspection is ready, you will receive a full and detailed report about everything you need to know. This will list the main problems regarding the property and also the things that will eventually require maintenance. This way you can have an idea about the quantity of money you will have to spend later on maintenance and reparations. You should not buy a new property without a prior home inspection.


Land Survey Rockledge


We will also give you information regarding the boundaries of your new land, no matter if it is commercial or residential. This way, you can know what property you own and get prepared for any construction project. Our licensed land surveyors are the most qualified and experienced you will find in Rockledge.


Constructions and Roofing in Rockledge


We have worked for more than twenty-five years helping our clients with their property inspections and land surveys. But we also offer construction and roofing services to help you make your dream house come true in due time and on budget.


Should You Hire Us?


For qualified and experienced home inspectors and land surveyors in Rockledge, you should definitely hire us. If you want more information about all our services and our fees, then do not hesitate to contact us at 877-894-8001. We serve the following zip codes and more: 32955 and 32956.

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