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A property inspection entails the visual inspection of a building in a non-invasive way. Only qualified professionals can carry out this task, whose purpose is to assess buildings and see what the major problems with that property might be and to determine what components of the building will require short or long-term maintenance.


If you are looking for qualified and experienced professionals who can provide you with residential or commercial inspection services in Melbourne, then you have come to the right place. Florida Property Inspections will take care of everything you need.


What We Offer: From Plumbing Inspections Melbourne to Land Survey Melbourne


For more than two decades, we have been working as property inspectors, providing residential and commercial inspections to all our clients. Also, this is just one of the services we offer, since we can also help you in several other ways:

  • • We can provide you a detailed report of the whole building with our trusted land surveying service.
  • • We will make sure that your properties, whether residential or commercial, are FEMA certified with our FEMA flood certificate service.
  • • We can provide you construction and roofing services to keep your properties stable.
  • • And we will only offer you the best and most exceptional engineers for your construction job.


Our Home Inspections Melbourne Services


Home inspections realized by our engineers and inspectors will save you thousands of dollars the moment you buy a house. This is because our Florida licensed home inspectors will take care of inspecting every single detail about your home from its roof to its foundation.


Our inspectors will provide you a detailed report that will specify everything you need to know about the building. Forget about “cookie cutting” inspectors when you hire us for your inspection job; we will customize all our services to satisfy all your needs.


Finally, we will also provide you with real and honest price quotes for everything that you need to repair in your new property, so you can be prepared for negotiations and have an idea about everything you will have to spend after you buy your new home.


Our Land Survey Melbourne Services


We will provide you with information about the boundaries of your new property, whether commercial or residential so you can know what land you own. Our licensed land surveying team is the best you will find in Melbourne.


If you are looking for a land survey for a real estate closing or a construction project, do not hesitate and call us to get the best land surveying service in Melbourne.


Our FEMA Flood Certificate Melbourne Services


We also provide a 24-hour turnaround time on all survey and FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate orders. Thanks to our services, we have saved many residents in Melbourne from spending thousands of dollars just to get their flood insurance policies.


Our Construction and Roofing Services


We have worked for more than 25 years in the construction industry in Florida in general. You can also find us in Melbourne and expect a high-quality service. We comprehend that it is not only about finishing the project before the deadline and on budget; we know that you also want a cozy and pleasant experience, and we will make sure you get that.


Our engineers, land surveyors, and designers will take your construction dream and will make sure it becomes a reality.


Why Hire Us for Your 4 Point Inspections Melbourne?


As you have seen, we offer several services that will save you lots of money such as our land inspection surveys, in which our team will make sure that every detail is evaluated to determine the major issues with your new property, whether commercial or residential and give you honest and real price quotes about all the maintenance that your new house will require.


We also offer FEMA flood certificates and construction and roofing services, as well as land surveying services. If you need a property inspection in Melbourne, call us now at 877-894-8001 for more information about our services and our fees. We will make sure you get all the information you need to make an informed decision. We serve the following zip codes: 32901, 32903, 32904, 32905, 32934, 32935, 32937, and 32940.

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